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Steel Fabrication

​Petrolift offers steel fabrication services designed, fabricated, tested and certified in our facilities. Our products supply the oil and gas, marine, lifting, and construction industries.​

We design and fabricate according to offshore standards
BS EN ISO 10855-1:2018 and BS EN 14502:2010.

Products may be verified by a third party at the clients’ request. Drawings, structural analysis, and certification are all delivered with each fabricated unit. Petrolift’s services include repairing, cutting, welding, painting, and sandblasting.

Our Product Range Includes

  • Cargo Carrying Units (CCU’s).

  • Lifeline System.

  • Offshore Containers.

  • Cargo Baskets.

  • Pad Eyes.

  • Machined Steel Parts.

  • Drum Lifter.

  • Personal Baskets.

  • Racking Systems.

  • Spreader Beams.

  • Trolley.

  • Bop Frame.

  • Lugs.

FINAL PETROLIFT 2023 (1)-01.png


Cargo Carrying Units (CCU’s)

FINAL PETROLIFT 2023 (1)-01.png
FINAL PETROLIFT 2023 (1)-01.png
FINAL PETROLIFT 2023 (1)-01.png

Spreader Beams

Personal Baskets

Spreader Beams

Lifeline system

Personal Baskets

Spreader Beams

Products Features


Cargo Carrying Units (CCU’s)

​Designed and manufactured to DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 standard.

Including certified slings and shackles.

  • Stackable designs for optimal space utilization.

  • Easily transported and maneuvered.

  • Available in a variety of sizes and weight capabilities.

  • Numerous lashing points


Personal Baskets

  • Used for lifting personnel to perform work or for transporting personnel.

  •  Expanded metal sides, toe plate, hand rail, lanyard pad eyes, solid non-slip floor.

  • Inward opening, self locking gate.

  • Detachable test weight included with forklift pockets.

  • Stainless steel data plate with individual serial numbers with RFID tracking.

  • Painted yellow with durable enamel paint.

  • Meets or exceeds ASME B30.23 "Personnel Lifting Systems".


Spreader Beams

  • ​Ideal where headroom is not limited.

  • Adds stability to lift.

  • Chain rigging standard.

  • Wire rope rigging available.

  • Adjust-A-Link rigging available for additional flexibility.


Lifeline system

  • The most important feature of any roof fall protection system is to make sure that you can still do your job in a safe and productive manner.

  • 100% Continuous fall protection.

  • life line systems have a pass-through feature. This allows the user continuous uninterrupted access by means of a special machined trolley that safely transitions over intermediate anchors without having to disconnect from the fall protection system.

  • FLEXIBILITY Besides the cable horizontal lifeline we can also provide a rigid track system that is preferred for its aesthetics, low profile and reduced fall clearance features.

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