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Founded in 1999, Petrolift was the first Egyptian company to specialise in the inspection of lifting equipment. With our dedication to safe lifting operations and extensive experience over the years, the Petrolift team now includes more than 70 engineers working across Egypt and the Middle East. 

Our services include

  • Inspection, thorough examination, and load testing

  • ABS Approved Hull Gauging Inspection

  • Drop object survey

  • Destructive testing

  • Scaffolding inspection

  • Non Destructive Test (NDT),

  • Includes (MT, VT, PT, UT, UT share wave) Eddy current testing magnetic particle inspection (MPI)

  • Rig survey and inspection Rope Access Services

Above services are performed on

Lifting Equipment (Lifting Appliances)

(Cranes, Winches, Monorail, RWB, CB, LH …etc.)

Lifting Gear (Loose Gear)

 (Slings, shackles, eyebolts, master link … etc.) 


Online Certification System

All our certificates have QR codes for validity and can be accessed online through the Petrolift Certification Portal with clients’ unique login details.

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