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What Are the Different Types of Crosby Hooks: eye hook, clevis hook, and swivel?

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Different types of crosby hooks
Crosby Hooks

Crosby hooks are commonly used in lifting and rigging applications to securely connect chains, slings, and other lifting devices to loads.

There are several types of Crosby hooks, including eye hooks, clevis hooks, and swivel hooks. Here's a brief description of each type:

1. Eye Hook: An eye hook, also known as an eye bolt or a lifting eye, features a loop or eye at the top of the hook for easy attachment to a lifting device. It is designed to be connected to a chain, wire rope, or other load-bearing component using a shackle or a connector. Eye hooks are versatile and widely used in various lifting applications.

2. Clevis Hook: A clevis hook has a hinged or removable pin, known as a clevis pin, that allows for quick and easy attachment and detachment of the hook. It consists of a hook with a clevis, which is a U-shaped metal fitting with holes at the ends. The clevis pin passes through the holes, securing the hook. Clevis hooks are commonly used in situations where frequent hook removal is required.

3. Swivel Hook: A swivel hook, also called a swivel eye hook, incorporates a rotating mechanism at the top of the hook. This allows the hook to rotate freely, preventing twists and tangles in the lifting sling or chain. Swivel hooks are especially useful in applications where the load may rotate or twist during lifting, as they help to maintain proper alignment and reduce stress on the lifting equipment.

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