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Welcome to Petrolift

PETROLIFT was established in 1999 to serve the growing need for specialist lifting equipment. We have since progressively increased both the product range and the services we offer to meet the expectations of a demanding customer base that now stretches over a wide territory.

In a challenging world, our aim is to offer a one-stop shop for all of your lifting equipment requirements. We deliver a source of quality products at competitive prices with speedy and efficient services. Coupled with strong training capabilities, PETROLIFT accomplishes a wide range of indispensable scope.

PETROLIFT is home to specialized lifting equipment engineers. We focus on inspection & certification, supply, training, and fabrication of all types of lifting gear.
In addition, PETROLIFT has a fully equipped training center in Cairo, Egypt, providing OPITO approved survival, safety, HSE, lifting, and emergency response training.
We represent a number of leading lifting equipment manufacturers offering world-class quality, certified, and cost-effective products readily available in Egypt to suit our clients’ needs.


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