Inspection & Certification

Certificates are available
through website certificates system.

PETROLIFT guarantees the safe and efficient functioning of your equipment by detecting defects before they cause severe damage. Our inspection takes place in compliance with regulations and relevant standards. We maintain a user-friendly database system assuring you immediate access to certification and testing reports wherever you are, whenever you require.
Testing Methods:
Thorough examination and certification of all lifting equipment and accessories.
Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).
Destructive Testing.
Proof Load Testing.
Witness of pressure testing.
Wall thickness verification and certification of vessels, tanks, silos, etc.

PETROLIFT is qualified to work with the following equipment and accessories:


Training Center

PETROLIFT offers a large range of safety training courses relevant to the Onshore/Offshore Oil and Gas Industry, including OPITO Approved BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training); HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape training); FOET (Further Offshore Emergency Training), IMIST (International Minimum Industry Standards Training).
PETROLIFT conducts Health and Safety training to suit our clients’ requirement. This service may be conducted on clients’ premises, locally and internationally, if necessary.
We’ve gained vast experience and understanding for our client’s requirements in Lifting Training both from a Basic to an Advanced Level. Our Coaching covers various aspects from safe practices to changing unsafe behaviors and practices and developing a good sense of safe operations in a wider understanding of the concept of lifting techniques.
The PETROLIFT Badr City Training Centre has been built to international standards; the training center includes a swimming pool with HUET system, Heli-winch simulator. The training center also includes a 2 level smokehouse and firefighting training ground, confined space entry module, Totally Enclosed Motor Propelled Survival craft (TEMPSC) Lifeboat, and a muster platform. This allows our team to conduct OPITO Approved BOSIET and FOET courses, which are conducted, experienced and qualified expatriate and local trainers using accredited course packages.
As PETROLIFT is also Deliver training MEM training, the training center has a purpose built training Simulator to cover different types of Incidents which could occur offshore. This training enables the emergency teams to build confidence and gain experience in a controlled environment. We offer delegates the opportunity to build their competency.
PETROLIFT is accredited to this international standard to ensure the proficiency of our clients in the work force and ensure that they leave the training center having the essential tools required to work in a large and potentially dangerous environment. PETROLIFT prides itself with providing valuable and quality service to all our clienteles.


Steel Fabrication

Steel Fabrication 

PETROLIFT supplies the industry with purpose built offshore CCU’s (Cargo Carrying Units) designed and fabricated in our facility. We also manufacture container platform, lug (container lifter), bag lifters, tool stands, sleeper containers, workshop containers, spreader beams, fabrication steel parts and racking systems to client specifications.
Repairing, cutting, welding, painting and sandblasting.
Design is verified by a third party at client’s request. 
The design and fabrication satisfies BS 12079 and complete package including drawing, structural analysis and certification will be delivered with each fabricated unit.


Supply of All Lifting Accessories

Supply of All Lifting Accessories

Fabrication of tailor made certified wire rope slings from 6mm to 80mm dia. Rope
We are very proud of the fact that we were the first ever certified wire rope sling shop in Egypt and continue to be the largest based on stock held and number of wires manufactured every day, week and month.

PETROLIFT works with major manufacturers in the lifting gear industry to provide our clients with state-of-the art equipment and accessories

Crosby, Quality lifting fitting manufacturer.
Brunton Wolf, leading manufacturer of steel wire ropes.
Talurit, a wire rope “Top of the line” ferrules makers and thimbles.
WIRELOCK®, the original cold socketing compound for use with wire ropes.
UNISPLICE, manufacturer of ferrules made from aluminum, copper and stainless steel.
RUD, manufacturer of chain systems and components for a wide range of applications.
PMS Industrial; manufacturer of textile slings up to 300 ton, polyurethane protection and Pipeline building - choker belt.


Synthetic Webbing Slings Manufacturing

Manufacturer of a variety of synthetic slings including: flat lifting slings, endless round slings, ratchets and web lashings, all kinds of truck nets with webbing belts, tie downs, etc. All our lifting materials are certified and our lashing systems are made in accordance with ASME standard No. B 30.9.


Personal Protection Equipment